Dec 7th, 2016

Decorated the venue and the hall for Christmas Gift- with baroque music produced by Masato Suzuki at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall

I spread 200 candle shades as well as several hundred snow crystals all over the venue

Kirie art as dye patterns works.

Scintillante is a jewelry brand which creates elegant and chic jewelry with diamonds, pearls and such.

I made retail displays in the image of various superb jewelry, for Takashimaya, Tokyo Midtown, and the Isetan Salone talk show event.

Display for Russian Restaurant Matryoshika at MYLORD in Shinjuku. (Tokyo) 


Restaurant Matryoshika

“The Night of the Milky Way Train (Written by Kenji Miyazawa)” PROJECT created with kirie art and music; 

PROJECT-related merchandise on sale!

"The Night of the Milky Way Train" Music and Movies are now accepting reservations! If you reserve the merchandise via CAMPFIRE the crowdfunding platform, it will be delivered during March.

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