Kirie Artist TanTan's Main activities


1993: Toyo Eiwa Women's School in Tokyo Japan

1997: Graduate at Grier School in the United States (pennsylvania)

2004-2007: Auditor, SLD Entertainment Co., Ltd.



2007: Selected for the Art Directors Club of New York award

2015: Awarded mine x Human Academy “Crystal Decoration Grand Prize” category prize

2015: Selected for Fuji Film Fukufuku Nengajo (New Year’s card)



2006: Published the how-to book “00 version” from Takahashi Shoten

2008: Published “Keha Shiori (bookmark)” from TsukijiHonganji Temple Publishing Company


2000: The exhibition at Gallery Ginza published in Asahi News Paper.

2000: The exhibition information at Gallery X published in Sankei News Paper.

Jan-Oct 2001: Essays and activity articles published regularly in MUTTS from Magazine House.

2001: Interviewed by Keishi Nagatsuka on STUDIOVOICE “Tokyo Rendez-Vous” from INFAS publications.

2001: Interviewed on “Machikadono kimi tachi” the mini documentary program of Kansai TV Asahi.

2001: Appeared on MXTV “Tokyo Monomosu”, and such

2003: Interviewed by “Shittoko!”, and gave Keanu Reeves,who was visiting Japan, kirie art as a present on the program.

2010: Interviewed by TVK “Hamarancho”

2017: Interviewed by Toyo Eiwa women's school magazine “Kaede people ” .


2002: Theatrical company Motoya Yukiko “Fictionia”

2005: Joined to Expo 2005 as Uchimizu Project Performance,〜 Love Earth in Japan (Ai-Chikyuhaku)

2005: Joined to Azabu-Juban Festival as Uchimizu Project Performance,



2015: Tokyu Hands Gallery

2016: Shinjuku LUMINE2 Creema Store, Chiba PARCO Truck Market (Tokyu Hands Gallery)

2015-Jan 2016: Setagaya Monozukuri School minne atelier 



2000: Workshop at “Touch the world fair”, the event by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

2001: Workshop at “Musashino fair” by Secom HomelifeCo., Ltd.

2003: Teacher for color/idea designs at Vantan Design Institute

2007: Kirie art workshop on the internet for “Inochi ni yoikyositsu”, the PR event for the SHISEIDO new product “Chikara”

2009: Kirie art school at the culture school space of AzabuJuban YAMAHA piano school 

2015: Provided the learning materials for making ori(folded) kirie art for Yokohama Eiwa Elementary School


2004-2006: Designed the clothing and premium merchandise textiles for cantwo the fashion label

2007-2009: Toyo Eiwa women's School Christmas card

2009-Present: Designed the gift set mug & plate for ILLUMS gift shop antina

2016: Commercial art for “Hanako Oshima Charity Concert” by Toyo Eiwa Girls School

2016: Makiko KinoshitaCommercial art for the world of music and recitation “The Spider’s Thread” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa

2016: Designed for carry saKASA (unbrella)

Event/Shop Dispray

2002-2004: Worked as a regular decorating member for the monthly event of Solid (Currently SLD Entertainment Inc.)

2010-2011: Limited-time kirie art displays at Café Toledo in Motomachi shopping street, Café & Bar enyen in AzabuJuban, Prospect the beauty salon in Shirokanedai, RAIKA the beauty salon in Togoshi Ginza, Kawara Caffe Shibuya Utagawacho branch, Bar Vinsanto in Ebisu, Occitania the interior furnishings shop in Aoyama

2015: Venue decoration and stage design for the musical concert event “Scrooge” (Christmas Carol) for the 50thanniversary of normalization of Japan-South Korea relations, supported by the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Foundation/ Venue decoration for the Ginza Jujiya Christmas concert

2016: Kirie art display for the limited-time event by Scintillante the jewelry brand (Osaka, Kyoto, and Shinjuku TAKASHIMAYA) (ISETAN Salone talk show)

2016: Concert venue decoration for Christmas Present- with baroque music produced by Masato Suzuki at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall.


2003: Viva! Mid-Summer Art Festival Exhibition at Art Space Ryabina, Uchu Re Exhibition (the group exhibition by Uchu Record theatrical artists, kirie slides creators and such) at Gallery Azabu

2005: [The Little Prince ] Christmas event- Kirie art, recitation and music- at Roppongi Rutheran Church 

 2006:[Night on the Galactic Railroad] Christmas event- Kirie art, recitation and music- at Roppongi Rutheran Church 

2014: CD album planning and production for Kirie art and Music Project [Tsuki to taiyo]

2015:  CD album planning and production for Kirie art and Music Project [Night on the Galactic Railroad]

Other. Currently researching on the origin and history of kirie art.

© 1998 Atelier TanTan

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